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SilkTV to Broadcast New Season of Game of Thrones

SilkTV to Broadcast New Season of Game of Thrones

Following the world premiere, SilkTV plans to launch rebroadcasting of Game of Thrones, a notorious TV serial.

For movie lovers the company has purchased new channels A-Media Premium, A-Media Hit and  A-Media1 that broadcast movie products of HBO, Showtime, CBS, Starz, FOX, Sony, Fremantle, ABC, BBC, ТНТ, Cinemax, The CW studios.

SilkNet has considerably increased the quantity of channels in the package of television services. The package will be renovated time by time.

Starting April 15 two new channels will be added to the package of Light: «A-Media Premium HD» and «A-Media1». The consumers will be able to watch the premiers in desirable languages (English/Russian). Subscribeრs to this package will be able to enjoy „Сарафан“ entertainment channel too.

The sport content has been also renewed. The package of Sport has been replenished by new channel of БОКС ТВ (Boxing TV). This channel broadcasts the most popular boxing matches. 

The package of Hobby will embrace the new channel of “Домашний”. This channel provides diverse programs, starting from cuisines ending with design, travel, movies and TV dramas.

The thematic package of Cinema will be enriched by program of A-Media Hit, a new channel of movies and TV dramas by A-Media Group.

Silknet subscribes will be able to watch premieres of the best movies of the world cinematography. On April 17 the Confirmation, a new TV serial will start that describes the 1991 political scandal and investigation case. Kerry Washington from the Scandal serial performs the main role in the Confirmation.

On April 27-June 27 subscribers will be able to watch the 6th season of the Game of Thrones. Those who watch the Silicon Valley series, the 3rd season will start on April 25.