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Silicon Valley Tbilisi

Silicon Valley Tbilisi High-Technology Center to Open in Tbilisi

In September Silicon Valley Tbilisi, the first high-technology center, will be unveiled in the capital city.

The  Silicon Valley Project of multi-million GEL will unite IT Academy, Business and Technology University, public school, laboratory and research centers, technological incubators within one space. The complex will be located on Chavchavadze Avenue in Tbilisi.

Silicon Valley Tbilisi will enable Georgian developers, program engineers and entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas, deepen technological skills and  potential.

As part of the project, Silicon Valley Tbilisi will also embrace offices of leading technological companies and brands, student campuses, summer schools for children with playgrounds and swimming pools.

The project includes all those phases, that are required to make Georgia a technologies exporter country in the world.

“This is not a far perspective. This project will bring real results in the near future, when our trained and educated professionals will become in-demand and successful staff in both Georgian business companies and on international market. Georgian specialists will not have to receive education and pass trainings abroad to be employed by leading companies.

Silicon Valley Tbilisi will enable them to acquire due skills domestically and find job places at distinguished technological companies in various countries”, Mikheil Batiashvili, one of the representatives of the project, noted.

“The business and technology university of Silicon Valley Tbilisi will consist of three educational stages – BA, MA and Doctoral levels. The program will be oriented on education based on entrepreneurship, promotion of innovative potential, development of market skills in entrepreneurship and management. All these aspects will enable graduates to have employment opportunities on both domestic and international markets.

IT Academy of Silicon Valley Tbilisi will prepare high-technology specialists and program engineers and Israeli specialists will share their experience to Georgian students.

Israel is one of the leading countries in the field of high technologies and startups development. This country has made great advancements in this direction over the past years.

According to Israel Venture Capital Research, in 2015 total number of startups in Israel made up 1400 ones, including 373 companies received 3.58 billion USD investments, while 69 startup companies were sold for 5.41 billion USD. All these achievements make Israel the world’s second  country, after the USA, in terms of quantity of high-technology companies per capita, that manufacture market-oriented products.

High technology products constitute 70% of total exports of Israel. Thanks to these achievements, Israel has attracted such brands as Intel, Microsoft, IBM that conduct research and development works in Israel. Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo have their own offices in the country.

“It is much honor for us to visit Georgia, in this miracle country. Our center in Israel is one of the major educational and training centers in Israel, where every year more than 15 000 students receive education to obtain in-demand professions. We would like to share this experience to Georgia too and prepare high-technology specialists, program engineers that are the world’s most in-demand professions”, Drod Shrem, representative of Science and Technology Center of Israel, noted.

The Academy will also have a training center, which, due to the market requirements, will train staff for companies.

At the first stage of education, for 10 hours, the Academy students will receive education and pass trainings. At the second stage they will develop their potential. At the third stage they will work on implementing their business ideas.