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SES Satellite Remains The Main TV Signal Reception in Georgia

SES Satellite Remains The Main TV Signal Reception in Georgia

On April 27, the press conference was held in”Rooms Hotel Tbilisi” at 12 a.m. The presentation was led by Nills-Filip Abrahamsson, who is the Sales Manager Nordic, Baltic and Eastern Europe at SES satellites and Ricardo Topham – the Senior Market & Business Analyst in SES.


SES is a world-leading  satellite operator, providing reliable and secure satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers, reaching 99% of the world’s population.

In general, the number of SES Satellite subscribers increased throughout the globe.

Additionally, it reached over 1 billion people in 317 million TV households with multiple access modes, including 42 million IPTV homes.

As a result, this number is five million more than in 2014. Thus it indicates 23% growth since 2011.

It should be noted that  SES also operates in Georgia.

Particularly, for SES Georgia is a special country, due to it has only recently been successfully switched to digital broadcasting.

Moreover, in Georgia there is a very high percentage of families (families with a total sum of 96%) that are equipped with TVs. Meaning that almost each family watches TV, despite the several geographically remote and inaccessible areas.

Nils filip

“Due to potential growth of this market we are ready to offer high quality image content to all family citizens of Georgia and to continue providing them HD format broadcasting”. – announced Nills-Filip Abrahamsson.

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