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Push-Notifications – TBC Unveils New Service

Along with information technologies, companies are developing service supply technologies at high paces.

As a result, all of us receives many notifications via mobile phones, social media or emails about new offers and products – some people find them interesting or vitally important, but other are irritated. In this madly developing world, your bank will guide and accompany you and deliver desirable information, when you genuinely need it.

For the first time in Georgia, TBC Bank is establishing an innovative method for relation with population. Consumers will be able to receive nominal notifications due to their activities and everyday needs, according to certain products, locations and specific situations.

By initiative of TBC Bank, the notification service takes the first steps in Georgia and brings us closer to the services experienced in the world’s developed countries.

The service has demonstrated its efficiency from the very inception, when in Batumi visitors of Maroon5 concert received a link with HiMaroon5 campaign, while visitors vehicles received a digital document for paying the parking service fees without leaving their automobiles.

TBC continues establishing innovative technologies in the banking system and offers a plenty of surprises to its clients. And we are able to enjoy mobile banking services in any time and make sure of efficacy of new products.