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The Idea of Drawing Georgian Words

The Idea of Drawing Georgian Words

Last week, in the social network, the works of one Georgian graphic designer have appeared.

Beka Beridze’s works have gained popularity in a very short time.

As he noted, he got an inspiration from Korean designer. After seeing his works, Beka became inspired of drawing Georgian words. In such way the idea of the project was created.

“At the beginning, I tried to paint words just for fun. Later, when I found out that my works were OK, normal, such project was created. I worked on the project for two months. It was not an order, I just decided by myself to publish my works via social networks”.

As a result, after promoting the works of the designer through the Internet, some of the companies got interested in his creations. Among them was also TBC Bank.

“Initially, the work is performed with the pencil on paper. I choose any of the words, mainly such ones which are basic daily words.

Then I start writing of these words for multiple times, as long as I receive the final “best” outcome. I gather all the ideas in my computer. Exactly the idea is the only one that takes the most of my time”.

In total, Beka Beridze has done 50 of Georgian words design. Part of his works have already been published and other half will be published in near future.