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Huawei Provides Fast and High Quality Communications

In 2017, company “Huawei”, is going to develop in terms of communication and new technologies and services (such as VoLTE, IMS and etc.) The aim of the company is to provide much faster and better quality of communication.

To introduce modern technologies and approaches, the company already had an exhibition at Central Asia and Caucasus Information and Communication meeting, where exhibition model with VoLTE system was presented to local businessmen. This allows users to connect with addressee without 8-10 seconds unpleasant waiting. The interest of introducing with the newest technology is very high; it is proved by the fact that the event was attented not only by operator companies (such as Magti, Jesoseli, Beeline) but also representatives of government offices- declared the general director of Huawei, James Liang

“Huawei” is well-known mobile phones Producer Company which operates in Georgia successfully for 15 already. It provides high quality and fast communication for the majority of population in Georgia.

“Local mobile communication market and “Huawei Georgia” were developed simultaneously. We started working in Georgia in 2000 with only 5 employees. In 2007, we created the first CDMA. Recently, we introduced a lot of new technology such as 4.5 G. There are 300 people employed in the local company and 75 % of mobile phone customers use our technologies. It is very important factor and we are proud of it”-declared James Liang.

The company started producing mobile communication appliance in 1987 and passed few stages of development very quickly. During 2G mobile phones period, Huawei was a new player on the market but when 3G was introduced, it got promoted. Since then, it has leading positions in 4G and 4.5G market.

According to James Liang, after 15 successful years, company continues operating at Georgian market and deserves support from customers and operations in terms of communication.