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Nino Demetrashvili

Georgian Scientist Wins Global Forum (WSIS)

Dimitri Kumsishvili, Minister of Economy, has met with Georgian scientist Nino Demetrashvili, who has won the award contest of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), and handed over an appropriate award to her.

Giorgi Jaiani, director of Ilia Vekua Institute for Applied Mathematics and Ekaterine Kubusidze, head of the Economy Ministry Department for Communications, Information and Modern Technologies, have also attended the meeting.

Nino Demetrashvili’s project has won one of the categories of the WSIS prize contest. Namely, the project submitted by Ilia Vekua Institute for Mathematics named as “R-package to compute confidence intervals for heritability, reliability and heterogeneity” has won  the category: electronic science. The project’s co-author is Professor Edwin Van Den Huvel. The winner project comprises theoretical and applied parts of the mathematical statistics that are applied for biomedicine and engineering field in the form of free software.

First Vice Prime Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili congratulated the young Georgian scientist on victory and noted that her success is very important for the whole country, because this fact confirms that Georgia is part of modern scientific-technical process and we move in the right direction.

“Our objective is to enable any young scientist, inventor, innovator to implement their own projects and initiatives. The  development of new technologies creates the world’s future and this is the future of Georgia too. We should be a plenipotentiary participants of this process”, Dimitri Kumsishvili noted.

Governments, private sector, civil society, international organizations, universities and other sectors from various countries have taken part in the competition (193 member countries of ITU).

The 2016 WSIS prize contest was held in 5 stages. At the first stage, projects were submitted via websites. At the next stage, a group of experts selected the best 309 projects. After online voting and selection of winner projects, the winner projects were awarded as part of the Forum.

Total of 18 winner projects were chosen in various categories of the competition, including the project submitted from Georgia. The award ceremony was held in Geneva on May 2-6 as part of the WSIS forum.

The WSIS prize contest is a platform to name successful projects that will assist WSIS to achieve the determined goals and that call for achieving 17 main tasks of the UN. The contest is held on annual basis and it is organized and hosted by ITU – international union of telecommunications.

The event organizers are: UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and other organizations of the UN.