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Georgian School Students Created Demining Equipment "Life Saver"

Georgian School Students Created Demining Equipment “Life Saver”

The Georgian school students have created demining equipment titled “Life Saver”. At this stage the invention needs to find financial supporters. One of the creator of the equipment Karlo Khutsishvili is also the author of another invention. Due to this latter mentioned invention he was invited to the US space center (NASA).

Karlo Khutsishvili says that the equipment can be managed through Ipad. He also adds that the device has more privileges than any other devices.

“My sister Ana, my cousin Tornike Mazmiashvili and I had worked on the project. When we have heard that in each 19 minutes people die due to landmines explosion, it gave us an idea to find the solution how to safe them and their lives”, – says Khutsishvili.

“There are such systems where people are needed to be involved in the demining cases. In our case people are less involved that is rather important fact.”

Life Saver is demining system that is managed through Ipad. In advance we indicate the coordinates in the Ipad, in order the device to get acquainted where to start demining process.

“It does not need any management, it automatically selects the places in the map where the where the mines will be placed”,- says Karlo Khutsishvili.