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Georgian Inventor Created Eco-Boat With Domestic Waste

18 year-old Goga Otinashvili has created eco-boat by collecting domestic waste, he came up with this idea when he found loads of plastic bottles at his home.

I had so many bottles and did not know where to place them. Then I decided to create eco-boat. I searched for same kind of inventions that are not available in Georgia. 

“It consists of domestic goods and has quite simple frame. I have used approximately 700 plastic bottles. The boat dislodges with the help of oars but in the near future I plan to install automatic motor”.

The capacity is estimated on one person, the boat is filled with waterproof silicon and kapron,” Goga Otinashvili says.

As for young inventor, in the future he plans to improve his idea: I would like to create more bigger eco-boat which will store more than two people.