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Georgia to Implement ITU’s Big Data Pilot Program

The Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) has held a special meeting on the Big Data project by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The project coordinator Margus Tiru updated representatives of major telecommunication operators and public offices on the project details. The project aims at establishing new methodology of collecting and processing information on quantity of subscribers, revenues and development of services in the digital communications and broadcasting field.

The Information received through a new methodology of processing big volume of data will be an important indicator and assist the government and private companies in taking various strategic decisions for development, appraising market condition, planning effective marketing campaigns and establishing innovative services.

The pilot program will be carried out in six countries selected by the ITU – South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Philippines, Kenya and Columbia.

The GNCC will act as the Focus Point of the project in Georgia. At the first stage, based on ITU recommendations and instructions, the company will request statistical information from companies through new methodology. This information will be processed by the commission and sent to the ITU.