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Georgia Creates Efficient Energy Light Bulbs

Ltd. AG Microelectronics is the first microelectronic enterprise in the Caucasus region. The factory was built as a result of invested 3 million USD by Georgian and Azerbaijan businessmen.

The project was also financed at amount 167 thousands of USD by the state program “Produce in Georgia”.  Accordingly, such financial support made possible to expand production. There are 50 employees in the enterprise, who are provided with the decent salary, modern and very good working conditions.

The enterprise started to produce efficient energy light bulbs since October 2015 and currently it produces 20 000 varieties of bulbs. However, the products are entirely sold in the local market.

In the near future it is planned to expand the production more. As a result, it will be possible to produce at least 1 million of energy light bulbs, whereas its biggest portion will be exported.

The objective of substituting existing lighting bulbs with efficient ones (LED) will meaningfully save electricity in the country.

AG Microelectronics’s production range is broad. Starting from small household electronic equipments (TV receiver, voltage protector, modem, smartphone, tablet, netbook, LED lamp, TV) and ending with the latest high-tech manufacturing and measurement equipments.

The first Georgian LED TV will appear on Georgian market from the 1st of May. After that its export is planned.

The most famous companies such as Microsoft, Fujitsu, Intel, Iberiasat, Ag telekom, have already expressed their interests towards AG Microelectronics, in terms of buying finished goods AG Microelectronics produce, as well as partnership and future collaboration.