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Education for Millennials

Education for Millennials

Schoolchildren from the village Agara spent a whole day on March 24 in Technopark, a new center for technology and innovation which aims to promote technological development in Georgia.

The information tour aimed to show young people the power of technology and its practical application in different professions. The participants also took part in a robotics workshop arranged by the UG-LIMES Robotics Academy.

The day full of new information and practical insights into the newest technologies was an exciting experience for both schoolchildren and their teachers.

Lexo Lukunidze, one of the tour participants who studies plumbing in addition to the school curriculum, was particularly impressed with the practical workshop and demos which have showed the tour participants the basics of robotics.

“I really liked those new technologies. I wish we had a technopark like that in our school,” Lexo said.  

Darejan Begiashvili, the Agara public school director, stressed the importance of innovative approaches for making professional education attractive for youngsters.

“Our visit to technopark showed us once again that interactive and enjoyable learning is the key to effective professional education. We plan to buy some of the devises we saw today and start using in the professional education programmes in our school,” she said.  

The Agara public school is the first in Georgia to introduce professional education into a school curriculum.  The modular programmes for electricians and plumbers were introduced in the school in 2016, with assistance from the European Union and UNDP.

Contact informationSophie Tchitchinadze, UNDP, +995 599 196907, [email protected]
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