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Building A Better Connected Silkroad: Huawei Holds Information and Communication Technologies Exhibition

Tbilisi has hosted presentation of a Huawei exhibition vehicle for information and communication technologies of Central Asia and Caucasus. The event was held as part of “Huawei Information and Communication Technologies Exhibition Tour in Central Asia 2016″.

The following officials made speech at the event:

Liangdongbo (James) General director of Huawei Georgia welcomed guests and talked about the importance of technology and business for the development of economy.

“By conducting quantitative assessment for ICT progress in 50 countries all over the world, Huawei founds that ICT investment is closely related to GDP growth.”

“Comparing to developed countries, developing countries still lag behind in terms of broadband availability and affordability. It is the right direction to focus more on building ICT infrastructure, such as fixed broadband, mobile broadband, and datacenter as well, which will be the foundation of cloud computing, Big Data, and the catalyzer for prosperous e-services. During this journey, Governors, Operators and vendors should corporate closely to make it happen,” Liangdongbo added.

Mr Liangdongbo said in his speech that Georgia has become very important for Huawei, and it is becoming the pioneer in terms of ICT development in the key position of the Silk road.

“At this stage, Georgia becomes very important for Huawei business in CA&C region. As Georgia is becoming the pioneer in terms of ICT development in the key position of the Silk Road connecting to China. And more important, Since Georgia–China free trade agreement will be signed soon, there will be more and more requirements to build e-commerce based on the ICT development. So we could clearly foresee that there will be an enormous potential growth of Georgia in ICT industry,” he said.

Huawei Georgia
Photo/ Nutsa Galumashvili

Ji Yanchi ambassador of People’s Republic of China in Georgia also attended the event and talked about challenges of Georgia’s economic and technological development and added that  Huawei, as one of the successful Chinese companies, will make contribution to developing economic belt of Silk Road.

“I have visited several companies organized as part of Produce in Georgia state program. During the event I remembered my visit to Huawei. I believe, in several years, these companies will become as successful companies in the world as Huawei, which is an genuinely exemplar company in China. As a result of reforms and transparency policy for 30 years, Huawei has played decisive role in development of Chinese economy. Moreover, the company has created a new model. I hope that this exhibition will deepen cooperation between Georgian and Chinese companies and Huwei will make its contribution to developing economic belt of Silkroad”.


“The main goal of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency is to encourage innovations and technology in the country, also to make sure that Georgian companies and startups maximally assimilate technological opportunities that are viral globally,” Avtandil Kasradze said.

“Huawei is one of the important companies in the world, which offers digital technology and internetization decisions. As it is known to public Georgian government has started a large scale internet-infrastructure development process and it is highly important that we use high standard technologies,”Kasradze added.

Huawei Georgia
Photo/ Nutsa Galumashvili


At the exhibition vehicle Huawei representatives introduced cutting-edge information and communication technology projects and their solutions to the invited guests. These projects are divided in five various categories: landline network, wireless network, base network, information technologies and services.

Moreover, the exhibition participants received information on mechanisms for developing Huawei information and communication technology solutions in various ways such as conceptual demo-videos, service simulation operations, management of devices on the spot, evaluation of the performed work and other communications.

The objective of Huawei is to popularize knowledge on information and communication technologies in operators of Central Asia and Caucasus Region to ensure better communication within the Silk Road space. The exhibition vehicle will start grand trip across Azerbaijan and the tour will be continued to Turkmenistan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

The exhibition vehicle will stay in Tbilisi from November 1 to November 4.

By Nutsa Galumashvili
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