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Bold New Social Network Coming From Georgian Developers

Bold New Social Network Coming From Georgian Developers

Joint venture with US tech experts and an innovative new approach to social networking – Caucasus Business Week has the exclusive scoop on what’s brewing for Georgia’s future in digital media.

Caucasus Business Week has received exclusive information regarding an upcoming social media platform that aims to revolutionize the way people connect with one another. A joint venture by Georgian and US-based developers, the new service aims for global acclaim and will offer an unusual but effective twist to the default social media formula.

The developers of the platform, who will remain anonymous until the project’s planned unveiling, got in touch with CBW and revealed the initial teasing tidbits of information. The yet-unannounced social network has been in development for the past four years and is not short on ambition; long-term plans to take on digital giants like Facebook are not entirely out of the question, according to the project’s lead.

“We are building something that capitalizes on a powerful feature of today’s internet and social media services that has never really been realized to its fullest potential, and is instead seen as a simple gimmick or a hidden tool,” the developer company’s representative told CBW. “However, we’re not yet ready to outright state what that feature is. What we tried to do was to make it into the cornerstone of our tech and then build a truly next-gen social media platform around it, so stay tuned for more details soon!”

Caucasus Business Week has confirmed a time window for when the project will be unveiled – and we can expect the first large-scale Georgian foray into social media to have an official name as soon as in the next couple of months. We will continue covering the story as it develops.

Lazare Gvimradze