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The charity fund to help Tbilisi Zoo is founded

Dear Friends, The charity fund to help Tbilisi Zoo is founded. The different account numbers and slogans regarding financial support of the zoo are spread on the internet. Please, don’t transfer any money to the suspitious accounts. If you have a wish to support Tbilisi Zoo financially please use the …

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How Tbilisi Zoo Looks Like Now : IPRESS

Tbilisi zoo

After heavy rain, river Vere has changed its bed, Tbilisi Zoo territory is completely covered with water. Some of  Zoo animals are liquidated and are gone free. Disaster killed 13 people and 9 people are missing at this time. Photos are by Ipress reporter Aleko Sharvadze  

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Tbilisi Zoo crew helps injured bird fly

The bird, a common swift, was discovered this morning by a Tbilisi resident on their balcony,and asked Tbilisi zoo for the help,bird appeared to be Crescent. The Zoo specialists said these types of birds had very short legs which they used only for clinging to vertical surfaces. They rarely settled …

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Amazing photos from Tbilisi Zoo

Tbilisi Zoo is a fun and happy place for the young and the young at heart. Tbilisi Zoo features animals of diverse species including big cats, birds of prey, farm animals and many others. There is also a separate section dedicated to reptiles and aquatic animals. Tbilisi zoo is located …

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