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TBC Capital Conducted Large Research of Residential Real Estate Market

TBC Capital’s research on the residential real estate sector includes a complete analysis of 2018. Preparation of research was henced by the growing demand of the market participant developers, to receive relevant, reliable and competent information about the sector. Consequently, the research aims to show companies and potential investors the current …

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Lisi Development Granted International Credit Rating by Scope

Lisi Development became the first developer company in Georgia, holding an international credit rating. B+ corporate credit rating was awarded by international rating company Scope Ratings GmbH.  “TBC Capital”, a subsidiary of TBC Bank’s licensed brokerage firm, has carried out consultation service of finding rating . Scope Ratings GmbH named …

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TBC Capital Released Report on Fixed Income Securities in Georgia

On June 15th TBC Capital presented the research report on “Fixed Income Securities in Georgia”. The report describes the Bond Market in Georgia and discusses its future development trends. According to the report, the treasury securities market is well developed in the country. On the other hand corporate fixed income …

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Company Silknet Issued 34 Million GEL worth Bonds With TBC Capital

TBC Capital successfully completed the placement of Silknet bonds. The volume of bonds is 34 million GEL. It’s the first time on the Georgian telecommunication market company issue the bonds. “Silknet” bonds term is 5 years. The annual coupon rate is 3.5% of the refinancing rate of the National Bank. …

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TBC Capital: Investment Opportunities in Georgian Energy Sector

TBC capital

Georgia’s energy sector is one of the country’s most attractive investment opportunities. Hydropower is the cheapest source of renewable power for Georgia and we strongly believe the sector will continue to be attractive for investors over the mid-term. The investment story is rooted in Georgia’s massive untapped hydropower potential: current …

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