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Challenges, Success and Plans – Wine Business Appraise 2018

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has inquired how the winemaking business appraises the year of 2018. The unsubsidized vintage in 2018, wine exports, the penetration of new markets, measures for the popularization of Georgian wines; this is a list of key directions that the LEPL National Wine Agency of Agriculture …

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The Nature of the Georgian Economy in 2018

The past year should be appraised as a positive period for Georgian economy, against the background of problems in previous years. First of all, we should mention an about 5% economic growth, however, more optimistic forecasts were released in the middle of 2018. Namely, International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast 5,5% …

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Finance Sector Hails Cartu Foundation for Transaction of the Year

The year 2018, which was previously announced as the year of financial education, brought some special benefits to 600 000 borrowers, as their debts were annulled. The Cartu Foundation bought off bad loans from the bank as well as nonbank organizations, and all debts were written off. The CreditInfo database has …

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Major Business Appraising Their 2018 Performance

The year 2018 has brought positive results for the major businesses sector. Despite the depreciation of the GEL exchange rate, which generated certain problems, the current year turned out very attractive sales numbers, and many other aspects. There were a lot of problems in 2018, but the sector has also …

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