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Country of the Employed Poor

Poverty is one of the key challenges in our country. After the independence announcement in 1991, our country has faced many challenges. The situation was aggravated by wars and sharp economic crisis. A major part of our population remains impoverished since 1990s. Despite the poverty level is declining over the …

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Financial Inequality Deepens

Georgia Ranks 8th in terms of Inequality of Financial Revenues among Georgian Citizens. According to information of Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in 2016 GINI coefficient in terms of total revenues made up 0.40 and this is a worsened indicator as compared to the previous year. The coefficient was …

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Every Fifth Child Lives Under Poverty in Georgia UNICEF Says


Every fifth child lives under poverty and every sixth child lives under subsistence minimum; despite the increase in families’ consumption, people’s income has not changed; poor children still have less chances to attend education institutions than their peers living in richer families – these are some of the findings of …

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The Rising Homelessness in Georgia Needs Attention

Georgia’s squatters remain and grow as the government overlooks the most poverty-stricken people living homeless on the streets.  Georgia’s pressing issue of homelessness has only grown since the war with Russia in 2008. According to reports by the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC), the government left approximately 10,000 …

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Foodpanda Campaign “You Say, We Give” Is A Success


Foodpanda saw to 875kg of products being equally distributed between 5 socially unprotected families. October 16th marked the Earth’s celebration of World Food Day. This annual day unites peoples from around the world for one common goal: to contribute in fighting and eventually defeating hunger. This year, Georgia has joined the efforts the second time …

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Business Solutions To Poverty For Under $100

Non-profits are driven to do good and change lives. Non-profits are also learning to think more like businesses. And one market-orientated mantra has become especially important: the customer is king. You might think you have a life-changing, problem-solving product, but if you don’t have a product customers actually want, it’s …

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