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Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Game in Georgia

It has not been long time, since Georgia started working on achieving Gender equality. Patriarchal mentality and people’s mind set, towards women’s role in society has led them to struggle with finding their place, becoming successful and open up for new opportunities. Here are the top women entrepreneurs in Georgian …

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Donald Trump Hosted Leader Women in the White House Including Nino Zambakhidze

The President of the United States, Donald Trump hosted leader ladies from different countries of the world, including Nino Zambakhidze, the head of the Georgian Farmers Association, at the White House. The memorandum was signed on the establishment of Women’s Global Development and Welfare Initiative. Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanika Trump, …

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Baia’s Wine May Enter British market

Baia's Wine May Enter British market

22-year-old Georgian lady winemaker’s wine named Baia’s Wine might be sold in England. As Baia Abuladze, the young entrepreneur and winemaker told Georgian Journal, one of the famous companies involved in exporting wines to England, Australia and 40 more countries, became interested in her brand. Baia was attending the Food …

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BBC: Georgian Winemakers Ready to Toast End of EU tariffs


Legend has it that 8,000 years ago wine was first invented in the small country of Georgia. Today, wine remains an important part of both the Georgian economy, and the Caucasus nation’s sense of identity, with thousands of winemakers together typically producing more than 100 million bottles a year. Back …

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