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Nabeghlavi to Enter Chinese Market

Nabeghlavi exported to China market. According to export manager Levan Chikovani, the first container was sent 1 month ago. The company plans to enter the Chinese market and bring export other products starting from 2018. According to Levan Chikovani, the free trade agreement with China will be launched next year, …

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Nabeghlavi Producer Company Provides American Army

Tskali Margebeli provides American armies in Georgia. The company has been cooperating with the US Department of Defense for years. Levan Chikovani, head of the company’s exports, says that the US armies are supplied with water “Bakhmaro” during training in Georgia. As for supplying NATO army in Afghanistan, the company …

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Nabeghlavi to Open Multi-profile Soft Drinks Plant jointly with RAUCH

Tskali Margebeli company, which bottles Nabeghlavi, plans to unveil a multi-profile soft drinks plant in Guria Region on June 24. The project is being implemented jointly with RAUCH, one of the leading juice production companies in Europe. The project’s investment value made up 40 million EUR. The new plant will …

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Georgia Defends Nabeghlavi Mineral Water Indication of Origin in China

Chinese companies have been banned to use the Georgian indication of origin of Nabeghlavi mineral water. According to Sakpatenti, National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia, the Trademarks Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China  (SAIC) has already taken a decision on registration of the indication of origin …

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Nabeghlavi to Unveil New 30 million EUR Plant in June

Tskali Margebeli company will unveil a new plant worth of 30 million EUR in June 2017. The company head Avtandil Svimonishvili told Business Course that products manufactured by the new plant will appear on the market in early summer. At this stage, modern equipments are being installed at the pant …

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Supply of Nabeghlavi Mineral Water to NATO Forces Postponed

Supply of NATO forces serving in Afghanistan with Nabeghlavi mineral water  has been postponed. The company Healthy Water manager Levan Chikovani says that the issue of the supply of Nabeghlavi to troops in Afghanistan has been postponed until additional quantities of mineral water don’t become necessary. Chikovani notes that in …

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Nabeghlavi to Launch Production of RAUCH Natural Juices

Tskali Margebeli company that bottles Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro mineral waters plans to manufacture juice products too. Natural juices and gasified drinks will be bottled at Nabeghlavi plant located in Guria Region. The products will be manufactured under the brand of Rauch. Tskali Margebeli has bought the franchise from Austrian company …

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Tskali Margebeli Launches Production of Natural Juices


Tskali Margebeli company plans to launch production of natural juices. To this end, the company will construct a nonalcoholic beverage bottling plant in Nabeghlavi, jointly with Swiss and Austrian institutional partners. The plant construction works started in June 2015 and will end in August 2016. The project is being implemented partly …

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Georgian Mineral Water Discovers New Sales Market in South Korea

JSC Tskali Margebeli manufactures various sorts of lemonade, cold tea and cold coffee. In the near future, Nabeghlavi mineral water will be sold in South Korea too, JSC Tskali Margebeli exports manager Levan Chikovani told the BusinessPressNews. The company takes constant efforts to find new sales markets and expand the exiting …

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