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Koba Gvenetadze: Competition Law should not Apply to Financial Sector

Koba Gvenetadze

The competition law should not be applied to the financial sector. The sector is regulated by National Bank of Georgia (NBG). Consequently, no additional regulations are required, the NBG President Koba Gvenetadze said. At the same time, Gvenetadze rejected the spread information as if the insurance supervision services had been …

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How Crisis in Turkey May Effect Georgia – Koba Gvenetadze Explains

“If the situation is not deteriorated in Turkey, we do not expect essential influence on Georgian economy”, Koba Gvenetadze, president of National Bank of Georgia (NBG) noted in his interview for the Global Finance. Turkey is Georgia’s major trade partner with 17% in imports and 8% in exports. Turkey holds …

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NBG Forecasts Annual Target Inflation to Be around 3%

Koba Gvenetdze Makes a Comment on Sharp Devaluation of GEL

National Bank of Georgia (NBG) expects the 2018 target inflation rate to be balanced on 3% indicator. NBG plans to mitigate monetary policy moderately in midterm period, the NBG President told the Reuters. The 2017 annual inflation rushed up to 6.7%, instead of balancing on 4% target indicator. In January …

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Koba Gvenetadze Announces 2018 As A Year Of Financial Education

The governor of the National Bank of Georgia, Koba Gvenetadze has announced 2018 to be “a year of financial education” and discussed plans that will be implemented together with financially literate society, who will no longer be afraid of exchange rate volatility. The governor also reviewed the major challenges of …

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NBG: Current Account Deficit Falls to Historical Bottom

“The current account deficit has seen one of the historical bottoms”, National Bank President Koba Gvenetadze noted. The current account deficit has dropped to 2.9% and this is a serious progress, he said. “For appraising the 2017 performance, economic experts need indicators of 3 other months. However, we can talk …

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2018 – Year of Financial Education


In 2018 Government of Georgia expects that the reforms will justify, while business sector and consumers expect their revenues to grow. At the same time, all social groups want that an inflow of investments rise in the country. The banking sector represents a cornerstone for everybody, because both corporate and …

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NBG President Refuses Larization Signifies GEL Exchange Rate Stabilization


Larization program is not to stabilize GEL exchange rate, National Bank President Koba Gvenetadze noted at the parliament’s finance and budget committee meeting. “Government has carried out the social program of Larization with the technical support of NBG. Expediency of the social program may be always disputable”, Koba Gvenetadze said. …

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