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Forbes: GIG to Buy KazTransGas Tbilisi

According to the Kazakh Forbes, Georgian Industrial Group (GIG) plans to buy KazTransGas Tbilisi. According to the edition, the value of the deal is 40 million USD. The decision has been taken by the board of directors of KazTransGas. According to the edition, KazTransGas launched operation in Georgia in 2005. …

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Whether Actions by KaztransGas and Inter RAO Damage Reputation of Georgia

INTER RAO has launched an investment dispute against Georgian Authorities to claim a compensation after GEL exchange rate depreciation. Moreover, KaztransGas has also sued Government of Georgia to London Arbitration Court. Businessman Fady Asly, president of International Chamber of Commerce – Georgia (ICC Georgia), also argues with Georgian Authorities. The …

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Minister of Energy: KaztransGas has Taken Unexpected Decision


KaztransGas has taken an unexpected decision and submitted an appeal to Arbitration Court, Minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze said. Government of Georgia has made a lot of statements about returning Kazakh management to the company. Negotiations are continued  and the issue of arbitration court may be taken out of the …

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Georgian Industrial Group Intends to Purchase of KazTransGas Company

Mariam Valishvili

Georgian Industrial Group (GIG) intends to purchase KazTransGas company and due negotiations are underway, Deputy Energy Minister of Georgia Mariam Valishvili said. “According to my information, the parties are negotiating the issues, but I am not aware  of details”, Valishvili told the Business Contact. At this stage, the Kazakh party …

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Negotiations on KazTransGas-Tbilisi Deadlocked

After the ultimatum statement of the Kazakh side to demand a compensation for damages in an amount not less than the amount, Deputy Energy Minister Ilya Eloshvili has to admit that the negotiations were actually frozen. According to him, at a certain stage, the parties almost agreed, but then there were …

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Claims of KazTransGas Came as a Surprise for the Georgian Governmnet

“There has never been a conversation that KazTransGas may request a refund of investments the company made,” the Minister of Economy of Georgia Dimitri Kumsiashvili. Kumsiashvili’s comment followed in response to the Kazakh side’s unexpected statement about a compensation for damages if the parties fail to agree on the company’s return …

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KazTransGas may Demand Returning Investments Put in Georgian Subsidiary

Kazakhstan’s KazTransGas may demand Georgia to return investments made in 2006-2009 in its subsidiary KazTransGas-Tbilisi, according to a message from the company. KazTransGas, Kazakhstan’s national gas and gas supply operator, created KazTransGas-Tbilisi in 2006, pursuant to an investment memorandum signed between KazTransGas and Georgia’s Economic Development Ministry on Dec. 26, …

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Return of KazTransGas-Tbilisi to the Kazakh Side may be Postponed Again

A return of the Tbilisi gas distribution company KazTransGas-Tbilisi under the control of the Kazakh side can again be postponed. Georgian Deputy Energy Minister Mariam Valishvili told  Trend News. “The term of office of the Georgian commission managing the  company, expires on  1 April. But, most likely, the period will …

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New Special Manager Appointed at KazTransGas Tbilisi

The decision to appoint a new special manager at KazTransGas Tbilisi has been made in the Georgian National Water and Energy Regulatory Commission on Tuesday. Nino Turmanidze, the new special manager has been appointed in LLC KazTransGas Georgia. Prior to this, she has been working on the leading position of LLC …

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