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Agriculture Sector Decreased by 2.1% in Georgia

There was 2.1% decrease in agricultural production in 2017 compared to the previous year. Production in the plant-growing sector declined by 0.4%, while animal production experienced a decrease of 3.8%. Lower production resulted in lower self-sufficiency ratios for most agricultural products, ISET reports. Revenue from the sale of agricultural products …

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Real Estate Market Highlights in Georgia

The GEO real property market grew by 0.1% (QoQ) in Q1 2018, in comparison with Q4 2017. The annual increase was more pronounced at 27.2% (YoY), in comparison with Q1 2017. TBS, with a 41.6% share in total sales in Q1 2018, dominated the GEO real property market. The TBS …

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Real Estate Market Highlights

GEO real property market grew by 10.6% in 2017 in comparison with 2016. Annual increase was observed in all quarters, with the highest jump in Q2, 14.2% (QoQ) and 20.0% (YoY). TBS, with 40.7% share in total sales in 2017 dominated the GEO real property market. TBS market was followed by Ajara …

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DCFTA Effect on Entrepreneurs

International School of Economics (ISET) has conducted a research work for outlining needs and challenges of business promoting organizations. The research work has showed that promoter organizations have to win confidence of member and nonmember companies. At the same time, according to the report, media is an only source of …

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How Can Georgian Economy Benefit from Bitcoin?

For the first time in history, the price of Bitcoin broke its highest record (Figure 1) rising above 2,900 USD during the last week of June, 2017. One of the reasons why the market unexpectedly became optimistic about Bitcoin could be the fact that in April, the Japanese government formally …

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Economic Freedom (Act): Do We Need It or Not?

economic freedom

The so-called “Economic Freedom Act” (EFA), which has been a matter of public discussion in recent weeks, refers to two pieces of legislation: A Constitutional amendment from 2010, which requires a referendum for introducing new taxes or increasing the tax rate (i) , and (ii) the Law on Economic Freedom …

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Eric Livny: Larization Program Cannot Ensure Economic Growth

Larization program cannot make influence on economic growth, ISET economist Eric Livny told the Business Contract. Restrictions of USD-denominated transactions will not bring positive effects. In several months GEL exchange rate will strengthen and in this case consumers should have option to choose which currency to use for transactions, he …

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New REM Research Results: TBILISI SNAPSHOT

New research results under the joint project of TBC Bank, ISET Policy Institute and Jumpstart Georgia Real Estate Market Laboratory (REM lab) were published a few days ago. REM lab team collected and processed data about 15 000 real estate transactions for the period of July-September 2016. According to survey, …

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Khachapuri Index, Exchange Rate Dynamics and International Tourism

Khachapuri Index

One glance at the ₾Khachapuri Index chart (for locals) tells the whole story of Georgian agriculture. Left to fend for themselves during the cold winter months, Georgian cows produce very little milk, sending dairy prices through the roof. Conversely, milk production peaks with the arrival of sunny weather and green …

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ISET: Tbilisi – the Cheapest City in June

tb market

In June the price of baking a standard Imeretian Khachapuri is 3.12 GEL, up 1.5% as compared to the price in May. The monthly index of Khachapuri is published by ISET that estimates dynamics of growth in prices of products in various cities of Georgia. In June the price of …

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Patience, Genatsvale! ISET Economist Blog

One of the first things tourists in Georgia notice is how crazy that drive from the airport to the city is. Jumping red lights, breaking rules to take over the jeep in front, the Georgian taxi driver risks his (and not only his!) life to deliver his passenger to the …

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