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Vietnam Introduces with Georgia’s Tax Reforms

Vietnam Introduces with Georgia's Tax Reforms

Vietnam’s delegation is introducing with Georgia’s tax reforms. The delegation of the Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, headed by Deputy Finance Minister, Do Hong An Tuan visits Georgia for that purpose. First Deputy Minister of Finance, Giorgi Tabuashvili, Head of the Revenue Service and Lasha Khutsishvili, …

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Excise Tax Growth on Tobacco and Alcoholic Products Intensified Smuggling Attempts


Growth in excise tax rates on tobacco and alcoholic products has intensified smuggling attempts, Revenue Service head Giorgi Tabuashvili said. “Certainly, number of similar cases has increased, however, our service actively cooperates with investigative structures to expose smuggling facts and prevent them”, he said. Excise tax growth has intensified smuggling …

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