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Gia Piradashvili’s Wines Go to Norway and Latvia

Wines of businessman Gia Piradashvili have penetrated new exports markets – Norway, Latvia and Kazakhstan under the brand name of Viniveria and Chateau Mere. “The Georgian wine market keeps growing. The Georgian wine has established its own niche. This was proved by the time and the outlined tendencies. Georgian wines …

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Houses on Musical Island on Ilia Lake to Cost 150-200 thousand EUR

Musical Island that is being built by Ferrus Georgia company on the Ilia Lake in Kakheti will open in summer 2019, businessman Gia Piradashvili, founder of Chateau Mere and Royal Batony, told BM.Ge The musical Island will be managed by Royal Batony, he added. “At this stage, we have already …

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Gia Piradashvili Launches Production of Shantraba Beer

Gia Piradashvili has launched beer production. The product will be introduced to three restaurants in Tbilisi, in the near future, but currently, Piradashvili’s beer is available for tasting at the Piradashvilis Chateaus. This is not a cheap product, because its prime cost is high. The company makes accent on Georgian …

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