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Where Tourists Spend Money in Georgia

Tourists Spend 4.3 Nights on Average and 888 GEL in Georgia. About 7.9 million international nonresident tourists visited Georgia in 2017, according to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, up 17.7% from the previous year. The percentage of tourists in the 31-50 age category made up 44.7% of the …

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Geostat: Unemployment Rate is Higher Among Men than Women

According to Geostat’s research, the unemployment rate is traditionally higher among men than in women. In 2017, the indicator was higher than 2.3 percentage points in men compared to the corresponding indicator of women. In addition, the indicator in 2017 increased by 1.8 percentage points in women compared to 2016, …

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Economic Growth in 1Q18 Marked 5.2%

GDP growth pace in March 2018 constituted 5.6% year on year, while the 1Q18 real averaged growth made up 5.2%, according to a preliminary report. According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in March 2817 a significant growth was recorded in social, personal and communal services, processing industry, transport …

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Georgian Products Exports to China Shrinks 2.4 times

Georgia-China free trade agreement came into force on January 1. As a result, 94% of Georgian products were exempted from customs taxes on Chinese market. Georgia exports wines, nuts, honey, mineral waters, beer, soft drinks, juices, vegetable, fruits, chocolate products, tea, fish and other marine products, cereals, cables, plastic products, …

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External Trade of Georgia increased by 23.3%

According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia in January-March 2018 external merchandise trade (excluding non-declared trade) of Georgia amounted to USD 2 823.8 million, 23.3 percent higher year-on-year. The exports equalled USD 740.3 million (28.4 percent higher), while the imports stood at USD 2 083.4 million (21.6 percent higher). …

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The Current Cost of Living Index is Deceptive

Cost of Living

The cost of living index is one of the key parameters reflecting the social-economic development of a country. Research and analysis of the cost of living is relevant for both developing and developed economies. According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, the cost of living for an able-bodied …

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Georgia Loses Leading Positions in terms of Economic Growth

In 2018 Armenia’s GDP Growth is Twice Faster compared to Georgia. Over the past 3-4 years, especially in 2017, government officials frequently reiterate that, despite low economic growth indicators, the country is a regional leader anyway. Regretfully, the reality is different. According to preliminary estimations by Geostat, national statistics service …

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Lowest and Highest-paid Fields in Georgia

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the averaged monthly salary of employees made up 1141 GEL. As compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, the averaged salary has increased by 7%. The figure has increased by 6.7% as compared to the third …

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Georgia Attracted Historical Amount of Foreign Direct Investment in 2017

In 2017 the inflow of foreign direct investment to Georgia hit a historic maximum. According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, in 2017 FDI inflows constituted $1.861 billion, up 16.2% from the previous year ($259.1 million). Prior to publishing the 2017 indicators, Geostat reported that major FDI inflow …

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Meat Production Declines

According to preliminary report by Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2017 number of cattle made up 900 400 ones, down 6.5% as compared to the same period of 2017. Total quantity of cows and buffaloes made up 462 800 ones, down …

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Number of Insolvent Citizens in Georgia Grows


Quantity of insolvent citizens rapidly grows in Georgia. The tendency has intensified in 2017. Over the past 10 months, the quantity of insolvent citizens rose by 23.5%. As of January 20, 2017 the Debtor Registry of National Enforcement Bureau registered 186 285 debtors, while currently the registry records 230 223 …

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