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Geostat Reviews Inflation Rate in Georgia by June 2018

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In June 2018 the monthly inflation rate amounted to -0.6 percent, shares Geostat. Compared to the same month of the previous year the Consumer Price Index change (annual inflation rate) posted a 2.2 percent increase. The monthly inflation rate was mainly influenced by price changes for the following groups: Food …

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Geostat Shares Rapid Estimates of Economic Growth

Geostat Publishes 2016 GDP Growth Final Indicators

The estimated real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate in May 2018 amounted to 7.5 percent y-o-y. An average estimated real GDP growth equaled 6.1 percent for the first five months of 2018 y-o-y. In May 2018 the estimated real growth, compared to the same period of the previous year, …

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Geostat: Men more Frequently Own Assets than Women

According to the research on Ownership of Assets in terms of Gender, men own assets more frequently than women. Ratio of owners of residential spaces is the highest one among all assets. Gender inequality is evident in documented ownership of residential spaces (about 13%), compared to announced ownership of residencies …

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Gross Domestic Product of Georgia I quarter, 2018


In Q1 2018 the real growth rate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to 5.3 percent year-on-year, while the GDP deflator increased by 4.3 percent. The nominal GDP totaled GEL 9 150.2 million. Real growth was registered in the following activities: Real Estate, Renting and Business activities (13.4 percent), Other …

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Downturn in FDI – A Warning to Investors?

According to preliminary indicators by Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, foreign direct investments (FDI) in the first quarter of 2018 were 279.3 million USD, down 32.9% compared to preliminary indicators from the first quarter of 2017. According to Geostat, the downturn emerged after several enterprises changed ownership to …

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Georgia’s Visitor Spending Increased This Year

Expenditure has increased for visitors- shows Geostat research. According to year’s first quarter data, visitors’ expenses exceeded 120 million GEL, when it was 112 million GEL in the corresponding period last year. During the reporting period, average expenditure has been increased by 7.5 GEL and amounts 122,3 GEL. The biggest …

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Foreign Trade Turnover Rises by 24.5%

In January-May 2018 Georgia’s foreign trade turnover (excluding undeclared trade) made up 4 894.8 million USD, up 24.5% compared to the same period of 2017. According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, exports constituted 1 284.7 million USD, up 28% and imports constituted 3 610.1 million USD, up 23.3%. …

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Foreign Direct Investments are Down by 32.9 Percent

Foreign direct investments (FDI) in Georgia amounted to USD 279.3 million in Q1 2018 (preliminary data) down 32.9 percent from the preliminary data of Q1 2017. The main reasons for decreasing the FDI are transferring of ownership in some companies from non-resident to a resident units and reduction of debt …

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Geostat: Averaged Salary Rose by ₾82 to ₾1106

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in the first quarter of 2018, averaged monthly salary in business sector totaled 1106.4 GEL, up 82.4 GEL year on year, including women’s salary made up 841.1 GEL, up 64.7 GEL year on year. Due to the size of companies, averaged monthly …

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Unemployment Declines Slightly

Employment rising since 2009, but citizens still complain about joblessness. In 2017, the unemployment index in Georgia declined by 0.1% compared to 2016, and was 13.9% in total. According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, the country is seeing a tendency towards reduction in unemployment. The unemployment level …

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