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Earliest Khinkali and Khachapuri in the City

Due to high demand of customers Dinehall opens Georgian Cuisine. From opening date till today, Dinehall hosted 40 000 guest. The place  where guest`s demands are satisfied now is waiting for You with Georgian Cuisine. From 23th of January, from 07:30 – 01:30 you can enjoy mostly fresh – casual …

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Fall in Love With Georgian Food


Top 10 Georgian Food When you arrive in Tbilisi, border agents don’t just stamp your passport; they hand you a bottle of wine. It’s a fitting welcome to Georgia, a mountainous country sandwiched between Europe and Asia, where dinner guests are exalted as “gifts from God” and traditional feasts called …

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New York Times features East Village Toné-Café in its Article

This is slow food recast as fast food, New York Times writes about the Georgian Toné-Café that opened in East Village this April, and is the offshoot of the same café located in Brooklyn, where many Georgians and post-Soviet population lives today. The restaurant is the first of its kind, …

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American Restaurant Sells 10,000 Khachapuris

Georgian cuisine has had a very successful year in the Western media, making tabloid stories in such publications as the Washington Post, New York Times and Huffington Post. This week a Washington D.C.-based restaurant boasts of hitting a milestone with selling 10,000 orders of Khachapuri, local restaurant cataloging website D.C. Eater …

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Chakapuli: Veal with Tarragon Recipe

Chakapuli (Georgian: ჩაქაფული) is a popular Georgian stew made with lamb or beef, dry white wine, tarragon leaves, unripe (sour) green plums, green onions, green peppers, green coriander, garlic and salt. It is popular in the Spring when the plums are unripe. Ingredients (6 servings): 700 grams of diced lamb or beef. 150 grams of …

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10 breathtaking food from Georgia

Georgian cuisine is traditional national culinary style in Georgia. Feature of the Georgian cuisine is the use of certain products distributed in the Caucasus, and therefore the presence of certain foods, the popularity of which has worldwide fame. Georgian recipes Satsivi, Lobio, Khinkali, Ghomi, Kharcho, Chakhokhbili, Chanakh, Shkmeruli,Gozinaki, Churchkhela and many others …

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France taught me to cook, Georgia taught me to eat


The Journalist of Australian Financial review Magazine, writes about her experience, in Georgia and admits that, Georgia taught her  to eat. She is amazed with Georgian dishes and with the hospitality. see the article below France taught me to cook, but Georgia taught me to eat. I lived in Tbilisi …

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