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Petrol is Cheaper in Georgia than in Azerbaijan

The globalpetrolprices.com edition has published a weekly report on fuel prices worldwide. The report includes data from all countries. The globalpetrolprices.com published the January 18 indicators several days ago. According to the report, the averaged petrol price in Azerbaijan is higher than in Georgia. The price of a liter of …

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Some Oil Companies Decrease Fuel Prices in Georgia

Part of oil companies decreased fuel prices in Georgia Gasoline prices is significantly reduced in LUKOIL chain. Cost is declined by 10 tetri on the different types of fuel. Today, cost of 1 l Euro Regular amounts to 1.63 GEL; Premium Avant Garde – 79 GEL, Eurosuper – 1,89 GEL. …

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Prices For Fuel Drop in Georgia


Fuel prices have dropped by 5 tetri (2.2 cents) per liter in Georgia ’s retail network in August, Sputnik Georgia reported citing the country’s Union of Petroleum Product Importers. Currently, the average price in the networks of branded petrol stations is as follows: super gasoline – 2.12-2.15 lari per liter, …

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12% Contraction in Fuel Prices Result in Low Inflation

In May the general level of consumer prices rose by 0.6% compared to April 2015. While the May inflation in 2014 marked 0.3%. As a result, in the reporting period the annual inflation rate increased month on month and totaled 3.5%. Prices of the consumer basket rose by 3.5% in …

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Toyota, Nissan, Honda Back Hydrogen Stations for Fuel Cells

 Toyota, Nissan and Honda are working together to get more fuel cell vehicles on roads in what they call Japan’s big push toward “a hydrogen society.” Fuel cell vehicles emit no pollution. They run on the power created when hydrogen stored as fuel combines with oxygen in the air to …

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