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PASHA Bank Plants 1000 Oak Trees

This year again PASHA Bank congratulated its partners and clients on Easter in a special way: on behalf of its associates the Bank planted 1,000 Georgian Oak (Quercus Iberica) and Imeretian Oak (Quercus Imeretina) trees, the latter of which is in the Red List of threatened species of plants. The …

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As Easter Arrives – Business Sector Expects Higher Spending


The Easter is always celebrated with special mood in Georgia. Preparations start several days earlier. People make Easter Cakes symbolizing the Golgotha, the mountain, where the Savior was crucified on Friday. Eggs are colored in red on Friday and this tradition also symbolizes the Savior Crucifixion. The Caucasus Business Week …

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MetroCity Batumi Wishes Happy Easter


Metro City Batumi wishes a very happy Easter to everyone! New apart-complex in Batumi is located in New Boulevard where there are harmoniously integrated playground for children, amazing sculptures, dancing fountains, night clubs and restaurants and as well as cycle path. You have the opportunity to purchase the apartments with …

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Easter in Georgia: Peculiarities and Traditions

“Christ is Risen! Truly He is risen!” – These words are everywhere in the holy day of Christ’s resurrection. The Orthodox from all over the world celebrate Easter today – the oldest Christian festival, which brings the faithful hope for the salvation, peace and the grace of God. In Georgia, Christ’s …

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Miracle of Holy Fire – One of the Greatest Miracle of God

Easter holy fire

The ceremony, which awes the souls of Christians, takes place in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. The date for Pascha is determined anew for every year. It must be a first Sunday after the spring equinox and Jewish Passover. Therefore, most of the time it differs from the …

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Georgian Railway Sets Additional Train for Easter Celebration

Georgian Railway Sets Additional Train for Eastern Celebration

Georgian Railway is going to set additional trains towards Zugdidi on April 29 and 1st of May and towards Tbilisi on April 30 and 02 May the train will perform work. The main reason of putting extra rapid train (#880/879) is the increased stream of passengers. The train will operate from the Central …

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17 Emotional Photographs of Holy Fire miracle

This ceremony takes place in the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem in such a way that bewilders the soul of the Christians. ON EASTER SATURDAY, at noon, the Orthodox Patriarch, or any other Orthodox Archbishop, enters the Holy Sepulchre in the church of Resurrection, recites special …

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Georgia celebrates Orthodox Easter

The week before Easter begins with Willow Sunday which Americans know as Palm Sunday. Special services are conducted in almost every church in Georgia, but particularly on Passion Thursday and Good Friday. Passion Thursday is connected to the Last Supper when Jesus Christ washed his apostles’ feet and when Judah betrayed …

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What people around the globe eat on Easter

In Georgia,People prepare for Easter by dying eggs red on Good Friday and by baking Easter Bread, called Paska. The eggs symbolize the blood of Christ. They are placed on green wheat grass, which symbolizes new life, resurrection, and eternity. People grow this wheat grass  on flat plates two weeks …

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