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Health Minister: Clinics Must Return Erroneously Received Money

Health Minister David Sergeenko has released his comments on millions of GEL imposed by Social Service Agency on clinics. Since medical clinics have failed to fulfill their obligations, Social Service Agency has obliged medical clinics to pay more than 13 million GEL. The issue is of 159 medical facilities, including …

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Georgia To Cover 80% of Treatment Costs for All Stages of Breast Cancer

Based on the agreement between Ministry of Health and Roche company, besides patients with early stage of breast cancer (I, II, III), patients with IV-category breast cancer will be also able to use 80% discount program for buying corresponding medications. “The discount offer from the manufacturer has enabled to involve …

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Unclear Perspectives for Improving Situation on Pharmaceutical Market

Government of Georgia has been long trying to tackle problems on pharmaceutical market, however, these attempts have not brought efficient results yet. Both medications and medical services rise in value stage by stage. Patients often express discontent against doctors too, who prescribe more and more medications. Our citizens and nongovernmental …

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Health Minister Criticizes Insurance Companies

Health Minister David Sergeenko has criticized insurance companies. However, insurance industry representatives  do not agree with the Minister’s remarks. It is the Government’s habit  to point fingers to insurance companies, the industry representatives said. As reported, Health Ministry plans to launch the second phase of reforms to increase efficacy of …

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Healthcare Sector Summery in Georgia in 2016

Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia David Sergeenko summed up 2016 and spoke about the existing challenges. The main challenge, in the Minister’s words, is  the availability of outpatient medicines for vulnerable populations. “The main thing was that the universal health care which is one of the …

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David Sergeenko Selected s a Member of WHO Executive Board

Georgia’s health minister David Sergeenko has been selected as a member of World Health Organization’s executive board. The Executive Board is composed of 34 individuals technically qualified in the field of health, each one designated by a Member State elected to do so by the World Health Assembly. Member States …

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Meet the AlphaMedic Consortium Members

Alpha Medic consortium

As part of the cooperation between the public and private sectors, three Tbilisi-based hospitals will be rehabilitated by investing about 0.5 billion. Namely, Tbilisi Children Infectious Clinic Hospital, the former Republican Hospital and the Universal Medical Center (the former oncology center) will be rehabilitated. Three companies have submitted offers for …

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Multi Profile Hospital to Be Constructed in Rukhi

Hospital Rukhi

In the beginning of the next year multi functional university hospital with a capacity of 220 patients will be opened in Rukhi. The construction works are in the active phase. Completed and ongoing works were visited by Prime Minister of Georgia and the members of the Cabinet. The main building …

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90% of Patients in Georgia Recovered From C Hepatitis Virus

Ian Kelly, Sergeenko, Healthcare

“The treatment of Hepatitis C will continue in Georgia until the virus has been eliminated from the country and all sufferers are cured,” Georgia’s healthcare Minister David Sergeenko says. David Sergeenko announced a new-generation, Hepatitis C medicine, Harvoni was introduced in Georgia which had a “100 percent cure rate”.   …

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World Famous Companies with A Huge Experience and Financial Potential Represent AlphaMedic

AlphaMedic Consortium Represented by the World’s Famous Companies with Huge Experience and Financial Potential

AlphaMedic Consortium plans to invest about 0.5 billion USD in rehabilitating three hospitals in Tbilisi, namely Tbilisi Children’s Infectious Clinic Hospital, the former Republican Hospital and the Universal Medical Center (the former oncology center). Under the medical clinics development project, three companies had submitted proposals for the government-announced tender. However, …

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