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Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi: New Tourism Route in Highland Adjara

A new tourism route is being marked in Adjara. Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi – this new route is being marked by the tourism products development agency of Adjara Tourism Department. The new tourism route is located in Alpine zone and tourists are able to see picturesque lakes, waterfalls, castles, yailas – Zhinvali waterfall, …

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Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi – New Tourism Route in Adjara


By 2018 Adjara visitors will be able to enjoy new tourism route – Chirukhi-Khikhani-Goderdzi. Tourism Products Development Agency of Adjara Tourism Department has been working on the tourism route marking project. According to the mentioned project, cycling, jeep and walking routes will be marked from Chirukhi mountain up to Goderdzi …

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