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Balneology Resort Owner Starts Negotiations with 2 International Operators

Tbilisi Balneology Resort is conducting negotiations with 2 international operators, Meydan Group director Ketevan Khurodze told BM.Ge. Its affiliate company Ialoni owns Balneology Resort. Negoaitions are underway with quite famous hotel brands, however, the company has not been finally determined with which to sign the agreement, Ketevan Khurodze said. At …

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Tbilisi Balneology Resort Sold

“Tbilisi Balneology Resort will become a profitable institution thanks to valuable management and private investments”, Ketevan Khurodze, director of Meidan Group, one of the owners of the facility, told the Commersant. Major investments will be made in the facility development, she noted. Having privatized the facility, LLC Ialoni has assumed …

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