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Economics of Autism: Andrei Maximov

Medical tourism counts over 3 thousand years. Bathing establishments were an integral part of sports facilities in Ancient Greece. After the Romans had conquered Greece, they took over not only its arts and sciences, but also its experience in hydropathy, or water cure. Unlike the Greeks, however, who were using …

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Is Georgia Similar to Switzerland?

When I was in my second grade at school, I wrote essay titled “If I were a magician”. I was very sincere in wasting my chance for magic that our teacher had proposed for the dreams of “peace around the world” and GUSSR (Global Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics). …

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Inevitability Of Punishment

Doing business by unwritten rules, experiencing it as a service to family or friends with lacking business planning is a very common phenomenon in Georgia which too often results in conflict, including the case of a foreign investor and entrepreneur and his local partner. Inevitability of punishment is, in my …

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