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Zaza Pachulia to Support Promotion of Business Initiatives with TBC Bank

Zaza Pachulia will support promotion of business initiatives with TBC Bank. Basketball player talked about this on 9 August at Impact Hub meeting, where he met TBC Bank’s project startuper and business awards nominees ”Startup of the year” participants.

”We have a lot in common, me as a sportsman and you as a businessman. There are people in Georgia who have a great potential, but they need a push and helping hand, that’s what TBC does and I came here to share my experience. I’m on your side,”-said Zaza Pachulia.

According to Nikoloz Kurdiani, deputy general director of TBC Bank: ”It’s very important that we gathered initiative people who create new business, introduce new ideas and turn them into reality. They support economy development in Georgia this way, create working spaces and improve social life. Befriending Zaza Pachulia with Startuper is important, as he achieved his goal step-by-step, after working hard, which is very familiar with startup field.”

Famous basketball player also discussed about an importance of making mistakes, courage, having strong team and self-confidence. ”It’s not a shame to ask a question or make a mistake, on the contrary, be courageous, you will learn a lot from the experience.”

Zaza Pachulia has been participating in TBC Bank projects. For instance, his startup ”Snap” was nominated in business awards, last year. This time, he will be a representative of ”Startup of the year”.

Pachulia answered a question at the end of the event: ”You must think of development all the time, support one another. Your success is a success of the state.”