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Year of Innovations – CBW’s Choice of TOP Startups

Georgia is becoming more and more innovative from year to year. In 2017 plenty of new startups have appeared on the market, while at the same time, older startups are gaining worldwide recognition.

During the whole year we stood next to several startups and helped them to promote themselves and reach more success and recognition. Number of entrepreneurs grow along with developing innovative environment:

”Holo” is an advertising company, that transforms PR material into hologram image. According to one of the founder, Nika Berekashvili, he and his friend Sandro Javakhishvili came up with the idea at Hackathon, when searching for a creative way to decorate local bar interior.

Khinkali dough sheets have appeared on Georgian market. The idea of Nikoloz Saradjev – production of dough sheets for Georgian housewives or various food outlets aimes at simplification of Khinkali cooking,

The mobile game UPO by Georgian company Bonsters is a finalist at international competition- Appodeal. A winner will be relieved on August 27. The winner game will receive advertising campaign service, meaning 10 000 new installs.

Phage Nutraceuticals, the winner of Startup Georgia, held by of Innovations and Technologies Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, started inventing a safe alternative to antibiotics.

Project author Rati Gholijashvili introduced achievements to the representatives of the Innovations and Technologies Agency of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

Phage Nutraceuticals is a biotechnological company that is involved in research and development by creating a safe alternative to antibiotics based on one century experience.

Innovative tech startup ”VRex Immersive Inc” let users have unique experience, connecting to places via VR. Team’s main target is to benefit in tourism field by storytelling application and keep experimenting. CBW had an interview with Nikoloz Gogochuri, Creative Director/ Co-founder of VRex Immersive Inc.

Mark van Embden Andres and their team of Georgian programmers released Traktor. The application (online & mobile) puts together more than 70 instructional videos for Georgian farmers, containing explanations about modern practices by agricultural experts from all over the world. By now the videos have already been viewed over a 600,000 times, a significant amount for a country with a population of about 4,5 million people. Besides instructions the application also offers a crop calendar, which shows farmers when to do what to cultivate a particular crop.

Helios Energy Georgia is a company which provides the service of testing alternative energy source as well as informing population about the importance of alternative energy sources. Marketer offers the interview about the details of the service with one of the founders of  Helios Energy Georgia, Tornike Darjania.

Few months ago, new startup of notebooks, Mind Map appeared on the market.  The idea of startup is to help people manage their time and making decisions. There is space for ideas, aims, wishes, music schedule, interests and etc. in the notebook. Three friends: Nina Gomarteli, Tako Lekiashvili and Ani sopromadze founded startup together.  One of the founders, Nina Gomarteli had an interview with Marketer.

Georgian startup ‘’kote.ge’’ set the goal to make buying a home available for everyone. They developed universal model of cottage which can be consumed in various ways,in any climate conditions. Cottages can be residential or innovative model of resting space, which will be available for any interested person with minimal effort and financial resources.