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Wodoo Colorful Handmade Crafts Delivering its Own Design Niche

Woodoo Colorful Handmade Crafts Delivering its Own Design Niche

WooDoo is a workshop of color handmade things. The workshop was organized by Levan Kakauridze and his joyful and creative friends two years ago. In that period they were first ones who attracted public interest thanks to their own different handmade works, shelves and frames. The company is trying even today to shape its own niche and design inspiration and develop the business in the country.

We have contacted Mr. Levan to learn about the company performance and plans.

– Please describe your company briefly. When and why did you decide to establish this company?

– I always loved drawing and making toys from my childhood. Home economy class was my favorite subject in the school. In that period I could not imagine this trade would bring profits. In 2014 I bought several tools jointly with my friends and organized a workshop for toys. Then we organized the second and third workshops and we used to donate them to children of our friends. Unexpectedly, we received orders and in this way this hobby grew into business.

satavso wodo

– What materials and which technology do you use for manufacturing your products?

-We use massive wood and top quality laminboard, safe special color, lacquer. All products are made by hand in individual style and high-quality standards. We spend much time on each individual order. We strive to ensure high quality of services. Based on the above-mentioned criteria, we have tried to select optimal prices for our products and I believe we have coped with this task. We do not take our orders somewhere, we make all orders at our workshop and therefore we have the best price on the market.

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-How many persons work on product manufacturing and how long does the manufacturing process last?

– We are four workers and we have shared functions: one supervises marketing and communications, second – product design, third – manufacturing process and the fourth one delivers orders to the customer. We have a young, joyful and creative team. All of us have other main jobs. This is an additional business and we love it very much.

wodooo– What segment are your products manufactured for and what age category of consumers buy your works?

–  Children. Children is our main segment. However, we also work for adults.

– How do customers contact you and are they able to select design themselves?

– They write to us on Facebook page. Then we consider the concept together. All orders are individual ones. Our designer works on visual aspects of each one. If necessary, we demonstrate graphic image of the product. Since we make products by hand entirely, we pay much attention and time to any detail. All products are made by hand entirely  and they are ecologically clean.

– Your company was the first one that started manufacturing similar works. However, following you, many other similar companies appeared. How do you plan to overcome the competition and what special niche do you have to attain this goal?

– We do not know whether we were the first or not. I believe many other persons used to make the same things, but many new workshops have appeared jointly with us. Competition is very good, because it stimulates to strive for best quality and best-designed products.