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Wearart- Online Shop of Handmade Items by Georgians Artists

“We believe that every item which is handmade and its concept is thought out is an Art”. Wearart is an online shop of Georgian handmade items which started working actively only in the last month.


Tatia Kariauli and Keta Kavlashvili came up with an idea about a year ago and the first challenge became supporting artists and present them to the public .Marketer talked to Tatia Kariauli about the essence of Wearart idea, its characteristics and service advantages.

Tatia, what is the main essence of Wearart idea?

The main idea of the project is gathering interesting, unique and mostly importantly handmade items in one space where people from all over the world have an access to it. For example, it was difficult for us to do shopping because of lack of free time. We decided to create a space where people like us would manage choosing handmade items and it would be the space for artists to show their works.

In what ways do you collaborate with other startups which make handmade items?

We find artists and designers by different means. We go to exhibitions and we find them in social networks as well. Sometimes, artists contact us themselves. We want to support these initiatives when someone calls us and expresses their interest

Which brand do you collaborate with at present?

We collaborate with up to 30 artists and designers: Musia Keburia, Tamri Bolkvadze, humanoidblush and etc. We also collaborate with ceramics studio. We have artists who are relatively less famous and who created their work only for us.

What is your advantage in service?

The biggest advantage of our project is still unique character of handmade items. Majority of our products has their own story or are created with a specific inspiration. You can see the style and perspective of the designers in the product.  On the website  www.wearart.me , you can order the items directly and pay for it online. We have a delivery service as well: In Georgia, it is possible to get the item in two days and it takes five days to get it abroad.