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VRex Immersive Inc Creates a Unique Way to Visit Places Virtually

Innovative tech startup ”VRex Immersive Inc” let users have unique experience, connecting to places via VR. Team’s main target is to benefit in tourism field by storytelling application and keep experimenting. CBW had an interview with Nikoloz Gogochuri, Creative Director/ Co-founder of VRex Immersive Inc:

How would you evaluate two years of VRex Immersive Inc activities, when was the challenging moment for your team?

Like any tech startup, VRex Immersive spends most of the time experimenting and searching for the best business model. You try something new and most of the times it does not work. That is a nature of startups. But when it does work, it catapults you to the next level.

Challenging moments are almost every day. We are operating in a very trendy yet, a very new sector of tech: immersive technologies, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality. So the biggest challenge, I guess, is getting your prospects to believe in the technology and want your product. Even before that, the challenge is finding out what product would they want the most.

Would you consider using this technology in other fields too, rather than tourism?

Like I said, we spend most of the time experimenting. From the very beginning we have been experimenting with various fields VR/AR can be used for. Tourism is our main focus because we believe it could benefit from Immersive tech the most. We have also created VR/AR applications for education, cultural heritage, publishing, architecture etc. So yes, we do consider other fields as well, however, at this point tourism is our focus.

In general, any tech startup must be prepared for sudden changes, pivots as we call them, so at any time we could switch to another field of business and focus there. It all depends on where we have the best/most feedback from the market.

What is the feedback you get from tourists?

VR is a powerful storytelling tool. Immersive technology is the future of communicating visual material. Because of its immersive nature, users have unique experience when they try our application. Our software lets every user have their own experience with immersive content about a place, because they themselves choose what they want to see and where they want to go next.

We’ve shown our application to thousands of people (including tourists and travel professional) and I can honestly say that most of them want to actually go to the places we show them using VR.

Is filming process adventurous and unpredictable sometimes?

Filming process is always unpredictable to some degree. That’s what makes it so interesting. We have been to places we didn’t even know anything about. During the filming we have seen amazing travel destinations. It all adds up and when you see the reactions of people experiencing all of it in VR it all clicks into place.

Do you take part in international fairs/exhibitions?

Yes, we often attend exhibitions and also our customers use our tech for promotion on such events. We have participated in many events in Georgia (Like Tbilisi travel expo, Expo Batumi and International Business Forum) as well as internationally (like ATM in Dubai and ITB in Berlin).

Do you intend to add new features?

Not only do we intend to add new features, we have the new features lined up already. We are in a beta stage of the platform and whatever feedback we receive from the market, we try to translate it into new features all the time.

We will also add new products according to the technology penetration and market demand in future.

We’ve heard you had a meeting with the Prime Minister, what are the plans that you’ve discussed?

Well, we had a very important and interesting meeting. We discussed many things, from the state of our startup and the needs we have, to the general issues in the tech startup ecosystem in Georgia and legislation. The PM had very interesting ideas on what could be done and expressed support to VRex Immersive. We hope this meeting will be the beginning of a very productive collaboration.


By Nina Gomarteli

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