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Vinti- Startup Georgia Winner Project for International Transportation

Company Vinti was established to provide simpler and more effective communication for those, involved in international transportation.  In 2016, Iva Kontridze, Davit Chkuaseli, Tengiz Alpenidze and Mindia Chubinidze were granted with 67000 GEL to implement the project.

Vinti application offers high technology services to customers and enables them to contact people involved in transportation. As a result, they spare time, energy and financial recourses. Currently, Vinti has two directions: Vinti searching system and Vinti assistant. One of the founders, Davit Chkuaseli talks about the important of both directions and the goals of the company.

It’s been a month and a half since you launched Vinti application. How many cars are available during the day in Vinti application on average and what kind of rate is it compared to the applications of other countries?

There are 70-80 cars available during the day on average. If we compare similar Vinti applications in Ukraine and Russia, there are 150-200 cars registered which is a result of 10-12 years of experience. Considering it’s a new website, there are 200 customers registered which is a good start.

How did you present your project to companies and customers who are registered at your website and using application?

Considering our recourses, we used our grant for web development and created application, therefore, we didn’t have marketing strategies. We had an agreement with them before. We contacted transportation companies directly and in other cases, sales managers helped us.

What are your future plans of the company?

In the future, we are planning to add cargo adding function. The customers will upload announcement about cargo (with specific information). All registered companies will be able to see this information and cargo owner will get offers from them which is comfortable, increases competition and decreases prices.