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Tuta – Traditional Textile Workshop in Aspindza

“I was born for this business. This is my mission”, psychologist Ekaterine Gvaramadze, who has founded Tuta school-workshop in the settlement of Aspindza, said.

She continues family tradition of  textile processing jointly with her mother for 9 years. In this period Ekaterina Gvaramadze has taught all secrets of textile processing to all interested persons free of charge: “We knit Meskhetian carpets, embroider them with crosses. We also sew clothings, including for clergymen. We sew Khevsurian “Talavari” (type of clothing), make “Kantsi” (wine-drinking vessel of bull horns), ornaments, hats and so on”.

About two years ago the workshop obtained a legal status. In her interview with the Marketer Ekaterine Gvaramadze talks about peculiarities of the textile processing trade.

Why have you decided to call the school-workshop as Tuta?

-My grandmother was a very kind woman and therefore, she was named as Tuta (Mulberry). Meskhetian Mulberry is very sweet and Bakmazi (Wine Must) is made of its juice that has healing characteristics. Moreover, throughout the year we receive 40 tons of natural color – Green from Mulberry leaves. I was also called as Tuta as a continuation of family tradition and in love for our grandmother.


Where is your working space located and what materials do you apply and who work there?

-Our workshop is located at my home. Currently, we employ 36 persons, including persons with disabilities, pensioners, pupils, families with many children… In my yard we make thick felt, my mother teaches making carpets. I teach persons with disabilities what and how to make. As to materials, we use natural paints: Stone moss, besom seed, nut Glue and so on. We try to maintain traditional ornaments and colors.

What are your plans for future development?

-At this stage, the school and the teaching process have already performed their mission. We have taught everything we knew. Now this knowledge should be applied in practical projects and to this end we need good equipment, machineries to make valuable products. We plan to buy a land plot to build a simple one-floor building with full equipment, store, social cafe.