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TREEPEX” to Change the Idea of Purchasing
Treepex co-founders

TREEPEX” to Change the Idea of Purchasing

CBW is presenting the interview with Bacho Khachidze, one of the founders of the project “TREEPEX”, that will change the idea of purchasing.

The project takes into account the promotion of the Georgian species of trees’ growth and country’s ecological development.

Tell us briefly about your business activities. What is “Treepex”? When was it set up and how long have you been involved in this start-up development?

Treepex is green loyalty program. We establish a green logo brand (trademark) in the global market, which means that if you see a product with Treepex logo affixed to it, another tree will be planted on your behalf.

Each such product will be followed by a unique Treepex QR code. Accordingly, the user scans the code trough Treepex mobile application, and finally the tree is planting on his/her behalf.

Later, the customer receives a picture of the planted seedling via e-mail where the name and geographical location are indicated. As a result, the owner of the tree is able to go and acquaint with it.

We have started working on Treepex in last summer. At first we had a different conception, however, after observation and conducted studies we have received shaped Treepex in the form what it is today.


What is the main purpose of Treepex? What did you inspire to do this business? Who was the author of this idea?

The objective is very simple. We would like to make the planet greener and healthier than it is today by involvement of several companies and individuals in this process.

We were two, my friend and I who have started the project implementation. Lasha Kvantaliani is another co-founder of Treepex. It is more than six years I am working in the field of “Green”, thus I have gained already certain experience. I am aware of challenges and opportunities in this sector.

In addition, Lasha has 12 years of work experience in terms of new technologies, product development and satart-ups. He was always different from my other friends and it should be noted that he was too hard-working.

One usual day we were sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and talking. We were thinking about the startup project that would have change the world for better. Consequently, the idea came up.


What is the public’s interest toward your activities?

Treepex very quickly became acquainted with Georgian society and have been cooperating with very serious organizations. This is the outcome of well-planned marketing campaign, as well as the fact that we became winners in two pretty serious competitions SeedForum and SeedStarTbilisi which allow us to participate in the Global Forum of the USA and Switzerland to introduce Treepex to global market.

Which is your target segment?

Different kinds of companies are interested in Treepex, as social responsibility, as well as in compensation aspect. For example, one of the most well-known insurance companies offers its customers, to compensate the emissions caused by vehicles. However, in the first year, we are mainly focused on the following aspects: book publishers, the creators of handicrafts and wooden furniture manufacturers.


Where the planting process of the trees take place? In general, what are the type of trees and who are your company suppliers?

By now, the works are performed in Ajameti protected area, where the recovery process of Georgian oak and Imeretian oak is underway. Additionally, we plant Caucasian pine in Borjomi- Bakuriani forestry station, where the burned areas are being restored. We purchased seedlings from local producers. In Georgia fairly high-quality seedlings are available.


From your point of view do you consider you have great perspectives in this field in Georgia? How effective and profitable is this type of business in General?

The startup is innovative and experimental approach to solve the problem and in case you google you will find out that 80-90% of them does not justify hopes due to variety of reasons. We’ve gone through some steps to get here. Now we absolutely believe in our project, and what we do.

What are your plans for the future? What is the maximum you would like to achieve in your business?

Treepex uniquely is a global startup, we want to introduce our approach to the global market. Very soon we are going to leave the place from here and to continue its development in Silicon Valley. Treepex is a product that will soon consume the entire world.