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PatchUp • ფეჩაფი

Torn Jacket Inspires Students’ Startup – PatchUp

Oto Kakhadze and Zuka Kipiani, 21-year cousins, have launched their own startup, having found the Georgian market could not satisfy their special needs: “My jacket was torn up. I could not sew it. I could not do anything. Finally, I learned about patches and I ordered them”, Oto Kakhadze noted in the interview with Marketer.ge.

Chevron-style patches, a knit material for non-military purposes, with various forms and images, were not sold in Georgia. Therefore, Oto resolved his problem in a simple way – Oto and Zuka decided to start business – PatchUp.

They have not requested initial capital or marketing advices from specialists. They made everything themselves, including logo, designed in graphite style.

At this stage, they order Patches from abroad, with their own tastes. “We buy, we have a genuinely wide option and we can choose best ones. Majority of them are ordinary. At this stage, the key issue is to find good patches”, they noted.

Patches have a plastic back and it is affixed to cloth very easily, when heated, however, there are many other methods of affixing them to clothes, for example, direct sewing and so on.

At this stage ParchUp provides only online sales and delivery services. As to the future plans:

“We intend to buy automotive sewing machine as soon as we will have some capital and we will launch production of Patches due to the consumer taste and our design”.

How to Fix Patches on Cloth?

1)We place a patch to desirable place
2) Cover it with some fabric;
3) keep heated iron on the fabric for 15-20 seconds.
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