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Three Days about Data and Communication DataFest Kicked Off

DataFest Tbilisi the first event of this kind and scope in not only Caucasus, but Eastern Europe and Central Asia, will take place on 15-17 November at Kakha Bendukidze University Campus.

The event will bring together around 400 local and international attendees from media, CSO, business and government.

The aim for the DataFest Tbilisi 2017 is to support cross-sector and cross-border cooperation: to strengthen local and international communities; to inspire individuals to pursue and explore more on opportunities created by data and communications in the modern world.

Datafest Tbilisi consists of 3 days, which unites inspirational speeches, workshops and hackathons about data and communications. This year, DataFest Tbilisi will host attendees from more than 20 countries.

DataFest Tbilisi will present speakers from CNN, Facebook, Zalando and other digital and media organizations to talk about:

✔ Data journalism, storytelling and advocacy
✔ Data communication and visualization
✔ Open data and good governance

✔ Data-driven digital marketing
✔ Data-driven business solutions
✔ Big data for targeted communications

✔ Data science and innovation
✔ AI, deep learning and data trends
✔ Data startups
✔ Data security

For more information, visit: https://datafest.ge/