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The Clothing Featured with Georgian Elements

Elene Kapanadze who is 22-year-old clothing designer has a garment business and at the same time she is studying journalism.

According to her becoming designer was her childhood dream.

“Fashion has always fascinated me and becoming designer was my childhood dream”.

She began this activity by accident, when she decided to bring her clothing line in the shop co.mode.

“My mother helped me for the first model creation. She taught me the sewing techniques, and since then I have started to independently create clothes.”

Initially, she had very little capital. For the first time, Elene made dress which was sold really fast. With this fund She made shirts, which also turned out very profitable. Thus, gradually her capital raised so.

She says that the most important fact to start a business is the desire.

“In addition, you need to love your work, always to searching for the new and never give up”, – she says.

Clothing business is quite profitable in Georgia. Especially now, when online shopping is very popular and has been actively using this service.

“Quite a lot of people express their interest towards my products and clothes. There are many factors to be considered in the cloth creation processs. You should always follow fashion trends, to take into account the relevance of colors and etc.”

Her clothes may be purchased through the Internet store – Elli Georgian Designer and co.mode– the store. The clothes are designed for different categories of consumers.

“At the moment I am working very hard to make my online store popular. In the near future I plan to open up my own shop”, – said Elene Kapanadze.

She would recommend everyone to start any business with small capital and huge talent, and not vice versa. According to her the main thing is the desire to work and in such way any business will surely succeed.