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TBC Bank Introduces Startup Agro Loan

TBC Bank has introduced Startup Agro Loan. This is an unprecedented offer on the market, the bank representatives noted.

The product enables farmers to arrange high-productive cattle and poultry farms, high-technology greenhouse complexes, warehouses, refrigerator complexes.

Agro loans are issued to both corporate and physical bodies.

The bank will take into account the forecast revenues of a farmer, not the existing financial guarantee amount.

The long-term grace period should be also taken into account. Proceeds period has been also analyzed, due to economic profits potential.

The loan’s maturity period is 7 years. The loan amount ranges from 20 000 GEL to 1.345mln GEL (500 000 USD). The new loan includes a vineyard loan for arranging vineyards of Georgian grapes. For Kakheti Region: Saperavi in micro zones, Khikhvi and Kisi; Goruli Green, Chinuri, Shavkapito, Tavkveri, Tetri Budeshuri (Shida Kartli). Otskhamuri Sapere, Krakhuna, Tsolikauri (Imereti), Ojaleshi (Samegrelo); Chkhaveri (Guria, Ajara); Aleksandrouli and Mujureturli (Racha),

Borrowers are requested to have practical experience.