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Treepex-A Successful Georgian Startup Appeared on the US Market

Georgian start-up Treepex will start functioning in New York in 2017. According to one of the authors of startup, Bacho Khachidze, this project will enable business companies and individuals to get involved in tree planting process with the means of web and mobile applications. 

„Treepex is an innovative way to involve business companies and individuals in the tree planting process. With the help of web and mobile application, users can choose the tree and plant it after her/his name or devote it to their beloved ones.

5000 trees have already been planted and the project started a year ago. At this stage, in the frame of the project, trees have been planted in Borjomi and Ajameti protected territories. It is planned to plant trees in Tbilisi as well.

At this stage, there are active negotiations and practically, it is already possible to use Treepex application in Africa and Amazon forest. As for the price, planting of the tree costs 1-7 USD. The prices depend on the location and the kind of tree. 

“In the current year, we will move to New York where we will offer our products to Americans customers. The demand on American Market is very big for such products. Except that, we are planning to target two more countries: Germany and the Great Britain. As a result, our Logo will appear in 4 cities -New York, Berlin, Frankfurt and London”-says one of the founders of Treepex.