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"Startup Market" New Space Conception for Business Startups

“Startup Market” New Space Conception for Business Startups

Startup Market is a new and different space conception for business startups.

Especially for this project, startuppers from various industries create a new product, which is sold at a special price in the moving shopping space of “Startup Market”.

The steering group member talked with Marketer about  the objectives of the project, scheduled events and future plans they have.

Anyone has a friend who is having a very good idea, however, due to several reasons can not dare to implement this idea in practice.

The main objective for “Start-up market” is to support Georgian startups, which have already created their own products and brands.

” We would like them to be an example for those who has specific idea, has a desire to discover something new and want to do more than they are doing right now.

By this platform, we would like to send a message to the people not to wait for the “right” time and make a decision today, because as I already noted before, this decision could completely change their lives.”

The project is carried out with the support of “Philip Morris Georgia”. We wanted to do something special that would give a boost to innovative and creative people to move forward and do their favorite work.

The interest towards our project is quite high.

“From the first day, when “Startup Market” appeared in social media, a lot of unknown people contacted us. Each of them sharing us their ideas and wanted to participate in the project.”

However, unfortunately, initially only a limited amount of startups got involved in the project. At this point, two events have been held in the food and accessories category, involving: Pipes burger joint, Ukve, Leponchik, AlterSocks, Qabzo and Person.

The third in the series, which will host startaperebs product design, is scheduled for July 17 in the park area of ​​the race track.

In July 17, at the Hippodrome Park area product design startuppers will be presented.

“In the future we have a strong desire to unite as many people in this platform in order to enable society knowing them.”