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Startup Factory – New Innovation Center in Tbilisi

The presentation of Innovation Center – Startup Factory will be held at the University of Georgia on October 10.Startup Factory is a completely new type of flexible innovation center that will actively promote students, schoolchildren, entrants and any interested person to develop and promote their own ideas as a successful business.

The Center intends to actively cooperate with local and international incubators and accelerators – “Business Morning” Future Laboratory founder and executive director, Irakli Kashibadze speaks about the details of the project.

How will innovation center be distinguished from others?
We have come up with a very interesting project, which will soon be presented. This is the first accelerator in Georgia, which is based on open innovation principles. Innovations are the starting point for international leading companies where they createinnovations and promote internal talents, as well as provide external talents to invite and attract their ecosystem. This is precisely this principle in Startup Factory and I think it will be effective.

What will be the role of Future Laboratory?

Most importantly, we will contribute to maintain the concept, form accelerator, design, create interesting environment that startupers will like. Future Laboratory will lead management when everything’s done. This is private sector and processes are faster, we can already see interested investors. University invested in startup, which is a great precedent, as university creates not only infrastructure, but also invests. Such cases must be a stimulus for other universities.