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Spy Recipe – Family Business of Georgian Spices

Maiko Kavtaradze is a young entrepreneur who creates the mixture of ecologically clean spices for different dishes. Spy recipe is a small family business. She makes six different kinds of spices for Georgian dishes according to her mother’s recipe.


Spices are branded and packed. One of the family members, Maiko’s brother took care of it. They sell production in old Tbilisi and touristic place where a lot of foreigners go. The demand is quite big and it is increasing.

Spy recipe is wrapped in 50 g packages and the price for the product ranges from 4 to 5 GEL. You can prepare the same dish few times with a single product. In the future, Spy recipe is going to increase the production and export the product abroad. Currently, spices are homemade and are distributed to the shops due to the demand. 

However, Maiko has more interesting plans for the future. Maiko is planning to start his own company and export the production abroad to introduce Georgia cuisine to foreigners.